Astrology Readings

As a former graduate and now a Mentor working for Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology Program, I am passionate about sharing the cosmic wisdom of the stars. The moment we are born a unique blueprint of our soul is created, filled with the energy emitted from the planets. That energy is mirrored in our human energy system and creates a roadmap of our soul's destiny. Indian guru Sri Yukteswar said it best --- "A child is born and on that day and at that hour the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma." 


Astrology provides us with a flashlight to illuminate our soul-given gifts and opportunities for growth as we move through this journey called life. Whether you're an astrology novice or have a passion for astrology like I do, an immersive reading of your natal birth chart provides incredible insight into who you are and why you are here, including: 

  • A discovery of your soul's blueprint and life purpose 

  • Validation of your personality and character traits

  • Insights into your major life themes and soul-promised lessons

  • A deep dive into your chart's distribution of elements

  • How the current planet placements are affecting you personally

  • Directives on how to fall in love with your fate and yourself

  • Permission slips to be exactly how your soul designed YOU to BE

  • Tailored Sound Healing suggestions based on your natal birth chart -a BONUS from me being both an Astrologer and a Vibrational Sound Therapist that you won't find in any other astrology readings!

Note: Astrology Readings are 75-minute Zoom sessions. 

Astral Sound Bath.png

Astral Sound Bath

Each zodiac sign corresponds with a specific musical note, so the placement of planets in our natal birth charts conceives our natural preferences in tones and healing frequencies. This means we each possess a unique, astrological song-print created when we were born. An Astral Sound Bath is a profound meditative healing experience that bathes you in a concert of tones based on your song-print.


The tones woven together from Himalayan singing bowls and chimes promote deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness, and an opening of the body's energetic system. The healing resonates at a deep cosmic and cellular level because the session is tailored using tones that match the sounds emitted from the planets at the moment of your birth. Each session begins with a 30-minute tailored sound bath and ends with 15-minutes of vibrational sound therapy to infuse sound waves directly into the body.  Aromatherapy can also be added to enhance the healing process. 

Black Sky

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this reading. I have had many readings with well known astrologists from all over the world. Tracey is different because she makes it relative to you personally, so it feels more like a reading and not so much like a generic chart from online astrology sites. Tracey really has a wonderful voice and patience for astrology and her talent gleams through so nicely.”

Janet E.