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I'm Just the Straw...

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would blow bubbles in your milk through a straw? I used to love doing that with my chocolate milk because it was a fun way to shake up the syrup that had settled at the bottom. Although it’s an oversimplified analogy, energy healing is a similar concept. As an intuitive healer, I work with people’s energy through intention, reiki, and vibrational sound. Basically, I am the straw…more specifically, I am the channel.

Sometimes I struggle with calling myself a “healer” because that assumes that I am the one healing my clients. Ultimately, the opposite is true, because healing is an internal process. Yes, I am activating universal life force energy when I provide Reiki. And yes, I am striking the bowls that send sound waves into a person’s body during a vibrational sound therapy session. But I am not the one healingmy clients. They are healing themselves.

My role is that of a conduit, providing a clear transfer of energy into my clients’ physical bodies and auric layers. The reiki energy or the sound waves enter the body and shake up stagnant energy that has settled in certain areas. Stagnant energy can close chakras or contribute to the spread of physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease. Luckily, our bodies have been designed to self-heal.

Our bodies’ internal systems are constantly renewing, repairing, and maintaining. Think about it…when you cut yourself, you bleed and then a scab forms and you eventually heal. Maybe you have a scar or maybe you don’t, but the body knows what to do automatically. I recently read this article titled 7 Weird Ways Your Body Can Heal Itself that reminded me on a new level of how brilliant our bodies are. In fact, it was that article that inspired this blog.

Did you know that we can live perfectly fine with up to two-thirds of our liver removed andthat the liver can regrow back to its normal size? Know what else? Our stomach lining renews itself every four days. Thank goodness! I don’t know about you, but I’m not always kind to my body with what I consume during the holidays! There are even cases when our brain can compensate when the other half is removed. I know it sounds like science fiction, but when you think about the human body as strictly a living organism, you gain a new perspective of how incredible we are as a species.

We literally have trillions of cells in our body, each encoded with specific purposes that are working simultaneously to pump blood through our veins, make our heart beat and our lungs breathe, send hundreds of thousands of transmissions per second to control our autonomic nervous system, and produce dozens of thoughts in our brains per minute. Wow! Still the human body can only keep up with so much, especially when it’s constantly being attacked by outside intruders like illness, infection, injury, and the worst culprit of all…stress! As amazing as our bodies are, they haven’t quite caught up with the evolution of stress.

Our sympathetic nervous system has a vital role when it comes to stress, because it activates the fight or flight response. This releases adrenaline, which provides the body with a burst of energy so we can react quickly to perceived dangers. Back in caveman days, this worked out great. We were able to run to safety when being chased by a saber tooth tiger, for example. Unfortunately, that occasional visit from the proverbial saber tooth tiger has been replaced by constant daily stressors like finances, relationships, jobs, traffic, grief, illness, or constant exposure to world events through every form of media.

We are continuously bombarded with experiences and information that sets off our fight or flight response. As a result, our bodies are pumping out way too much adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine. These major stress hormones are wreaking havoc on our bodies, with cortisol being public enemy number one! This is why making time to relax and shut down is so important, and not just when it’s time to go to sleep at night. This is especially true if you are one of the 60 million Americans who suffer from insomnia.[i] The constant release of cortisol robs our bodies of the chance to self-heal for it’s when we are fully relaxed or sleeping that the body’s natural restorative functions are activated. This can’t happen if we don’t or can’t allow the time for our precious human vessels to work as intended.

Fortunately, the body can bounce back, particularly during activities that release serotonin (mood hormone), oxytocin (love and bonding hormone), dopamine (happiness hormone), and melatonin (sleep hormone). This is why those of us who consider ourselves to be channels of healing have a passion for what we do. As an energy worker, I have witnessed and experienced first-hand transformational healing from holistic, non-invasive, natural modalities. I can’t nor would I ever, take credit for the healing my clients experience as a result of a reiki or vibrational sound therapy session with me. They made the choice to make time for themselves, the ultimate act of self-love, and they chose to come to me. I may provide the space and guide the energy session, but their bodies have done the work! Words can’t express how privileged I feel to be that conduit of healing for my clients. I am and always will be grateful to be a small part of the process.


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