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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”




The human body and the mind has an amazing ability to heal itself. The connections among mind, body and spirit are incredibly strong. Imbalance in one area can lead to imbalance in other areas. Emotional issues may manifest as physical ailments… and physical ailments may trigger an emotional stress response. 

When we make time for self-love and nurture, we become more relaxed. The more relaxed we feel, the more mentally and physically prepared we are to deal with the ups and downs of life. There are holistic solutions that help you reconnect to your soul and align your mind, body and spirit.

As a Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Astrologer, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Certified Hypnotist, I am committed to helping you harness your innate healing powers to regain and maintain a relaxed, balanced state of wellbeing. 

Together, we can work to enhance your current wellness strategy, find holistic, less physically-intrusive techniques to help release stress and tension or conquer personal or professional challenges. Whatever your motivation may be, it’s time to start loving yourself! 

trust your intuition

Image by Kristina Flour

“I am grateful for Tracey's exceptional abilities as a healer. I have been with her for Reiki sessions, past life regression, soul journey meditations, sacred vowel meditations, and the Tibetan bowl sound bath. I always feel profound healing and awareness when I am with her. Having a session with Tracey will allow you to experience a new kind of healing, and benefit from her special energy.”

~ Joyce ~

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