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Astrology & Sound Healing 

This live, interactive 2-hour workshop teaches you how to create a self-healing practice using sound, the wisdom of the stars, and your unique natal birth chart. Taught twice a year (August and February), this workshop is designed for all levels of astrologers. Whether you are new to astrology, an experienced astrologer, or somewhere in between, you will walk away discovering how to align the sounds emitted from the planets with the unique song-print revealed in your chart. Topics to be covered include:

  • Fundamentals of astrology

  • Musical notes and tones associated with the zodiac signs and chakras

  • Integrating a variety of sound healing techniques that align with the planetary placements in your birth chart

  • Creating self-care practices based on your astrological elemental profile 

PLUS all enrollees will receive a beautifully illustrated Quick Reference Guide and a recorded replay (so no worries if you can't join us live).

The next workshop takes place on Sunday, August 11th @ 2pm EST via Zoom. Cost is $55. 

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