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Astrology Readings

As a Debra Silverman Certified Astrologer and Mentor, I am passionate about sharing the cosmic wisdom of the stars. The moment we are born a unique blueprint of our soul is created, filled with the energy emitted from the planets. That energy is mirrored in our human energy system and creates a roadmap of our soul's destiny. Indian guru Sri Yukteswar said it best --- "A child is born and on that day and at that hour the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma." 

I offer a variety of specialized astrology readings, all of which are done virtually via Zoom. Audio recordings are included. Gift Certificates available. (NOTE: Knowing your exact birth time is required for all astrology readings.) Scroll down to learn more...

Natal Birth Chart Reading.png

Natal Birth Chart Reading

As above, so below. Astrology provides us with a flashlight to illuminate our gifts, lessons, and opportunities for growth as we evolve through our personal life journey. Whether you're a novice or have a passion for astrology, it's never too late to fall in love with your fate. An immersive reading of your natal birth chart provides incredible insight into who you are and why you are here, including: 

  • A discovery of your soul's blueprint and life purpose 

  • Insights into your major life themes and soul-promised lessons

  • How to work with the current planet placements affecting you personally

  • Directives on how to turn your chart into practical, tangible, life-changing actions

  • Permission slips to be exactly how your soul designed YOU to BE

Natal Birth Chart Reading
Deep Dive Astrology Readings (1).png

Deep Dive Reading

Your natal birth chart contains countless layers of celestial wisdom that mirrors the complexities of human life. A targeted probe of specific planetary placements within your birth chart allows for a deep dive into how those particular energies are expressed in your life. Choose from one of the following six topics of focus for this reading:

  • Past Life - What is your past life karma and how can you resolve karmic patterns?

  • Major Life Themes - What themes & lessons did your soul promise you'd experience?

  • Transits - How can you work with the current planet positions that are affecting you personally?

  • Mars & Venus - What is the unique expression of your masculine and feminine energies?

  • Lunar Nature - How does the magic of the lunar energies and your natal moon impact your life?

  • Asteroids - What nuances & unique perspectives do certain asteroids add to your chart?

Deep Dive Chart Reading
Solar Return Astrology Readings.png

Solar Return Reading

You don’t just get a year wiser on your astrological birthday! It’s also time to welcome a new year of soul-promised experiences. A solar return reading provides insights into what your next year (from birthday to birthday) has in store for you. We will discuss the themes, lessons, and gifts that will arise for you, the areas of your life expected to take the forefront, and directives on how to deal with these upcoming planetary energies. It’s like an annual weather forecast that helps you decide how to prepare for each season.  Is this a year where you dance in the rain and make snow angels, or should you stay inside and get to work with a warm cup of cocoa?


Note: A solar return reading is best scheduled within 30 days before or after your birthday to get the full benefits.

Solar Return Reading
Black Sky

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this reading. I have had many readings with well known astrologists from all over the world. Tracey is different because she makes it relative to you personally, so it feels more like a reading and not so much like a generic chart from online astrology sites. Tracey really has a wonderful voice and patience for astrology and her talent gleams through so nicely.”

~ Janet E. ~

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