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Reiki Certification

The Usui Reiki system of Natural Healing is an ancient and holistic Japanese technique that has been used for centuries to realign physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and karmic imbalances within the body. Three levels of certification are available as follows:

  • Level I (Beginner) - Physical healing (self, others, & animals)

  • Level II (Intermediate) - Emotional healing & Distance healing

  • Level III (Master) - Spiritual/Karmic healing & Attuning others

Click HERE to view an outline of topics covered in each level. Classes are offered online via Zoom or in-person. Online classes are 3 hours and cost $225 per level. In-person classes are 4 hours and cost $300 per level.


A minimum of 2 students is required per class. You must join the waitlist for a class to be scheduled. You will be given the option to select class days & times that best accommodate your schedule when you join the waitlist.


Joining the waitlist does not obligate you to enroll, but if you are reading this then your inner voice is nudging you to take this next step. By joining the waitlist today, you are ensuring that the minimum requirement to schedule a class is met sooner. Encouraging friends to learn Reiki with you is a great way to quicken the scheduling process. 

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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Tracey's Reiki classes were amazing! Tracey is a very gifted healer and I felt myself being transformed by her energy and her skills on the very first day! I also learned so much from the other students in the class. Learning and practicing Reiki changed my life and I'm so grateful I found Mindful Soul Wellness!

~ Jane ~

I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on Reiki classes. I also appreciated the flexibility with scheduling my Level III class. I was able to complete that class in the fall after the first two in the spring. Tracey is a very thorough and organized instructor with useful handouts. 

~ Pat ~

Not only was Tracey extremely easy and fun to work with, but she took the time to answer all of my questions during and after each Reiki class I took with her. She's got the best energy! I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking to expand their understanding and knowledge of energy work.

~ Christina ~

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