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Love Your Body Group Program

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Join Tracey Renee McKee, Certified Hypnotist and Soul Coaching Practitioner, as she guides you through a 28-day journey to rediscover and reignite the sacred connection between your soul and your physical body.


Our bodies are sacred vessels that we hand selected to carry out our life purpose. No matter what size, shape or age, we should cherish and love our bodies, even when life’s challenges may distract us from maintaining our healthiest and fittest versions of ourselves.

This program does not promote a particular kind of diet, exercise, or weight loss regimen because there is no one way that is right for everyone. Rather, the three main areas of focus are:

1. Being conscious of what you eat, drink, and how you move your body

2. Living in a spirit of gratitude for every part of your body

3. Watching for signs from the Universe regarding your body

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The Love Your Body program runs for 5 consecutive weeks. Each weekly session lasts about 90 minutes. Program dates and times are tailored to your schedule and can be in-person or virtual via Zoom.


Week 1 – Discuss program and Create Goals

Hypnosis Topic: Conscious Eating

Soul Journey Meditation: Clearing the Past, Lightening the Future


Week 2 – Reflect on Days 1-7 & Share Achievements

Hypnosis Topic: Fit and Healthy (Visualize Your Healthiest You!)

Soul Journey Meditation: Clearing Your Past Lives, Lightening Your Future

Week 3 – Reflect on Days 8-14 & Share Achievements

Hypnosis Topic: Curbing Unhealthy Cravings

Soul Journey Meditation: Mindful Life-Mindful Eating

Week 4 – Reflect on Days 15-21 & Share Achievements

Hypnosis Topic: Release Unneeded Stress & Negativity

Soul Journey Meditation: Sensuous and Sumptuous

Week 5 – Reflect on Days 22-28 & Share Achievements

Hypnosis Topic: Confidence, Positivity, and Ego Strengthening

Take-Home Self-Hypnosis: Maintaining Your Best You!

Total Program Cost Per Person (Payment plans available):

  • Private Individual - $500  ($100 per session)

  • Partners/2 People - $425  ($85 per session)

  • Small Group/3-4 People - $375  ($75 per session) 

Have questions or need more information? Please don't hesitate to connect with Tracey.

I highly recommend this life- changing program. It combined daily meditations, journaling and being aware of different aspects of ourselves that most of us rarely think about. It changed my perspective of myself, learning to listen to what my body is telling me, what others tell me and what I tell myself and recognizing that with what my body is doing and how I can help myself. Tracey does an excellent job of guiding the group through short and exciting hypnosis and meditations, facilitating open judge-free discussions and helping our understanding of what may be the underlying issues. Because discussions are candid, you realize that your struggles are shared by many and that we each have our own burdens that can be discussed and maybe others can give you different insights when you bring it up. You may just leave with new life-long friends.


~ Althea ~

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