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The Necklace ~ A fairy tale written by Tracey McKee

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

My grandma was an amazing woman! I was very close with her, and her death in 2015 was a challenging time in my life. Her passing was a major catalyst for me changing paths and turning to energy healing as a way of life, both personally and professionally. The other day I came across a fairytale I wrote about 18 months after she died. I wrote this both to honor her and as a way to express my faith and passion for what I do as an intuitive healer. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing and rereading it!

The Necklace A fairy tale written by Tracey McKee

Once upon a time in a magical land there lived a benevolent High Sorceress named Estelle. She was well known among the seven surrounding kingdoms for her wisdom, intuition, kindness, and spiritual healing abilities. Many would travel long distances just to spend a few minutes in Estelle’s presence, for she could bestow peace to the mind, body, and soul upon any who stood near her.

As was the way of the land, Estelle had an apprentice for whom she taught her healing techniques. This apprentice, her granddaughter Tracey, was by her side every day from the moment she was born. Tracey was a sorceress in her own right but had only ever practiced her healing gifts with and in her grandmother’s presence and had attributed any successes to the very fact that she was with her grandmother. She was quite content being by her grandmother’s side to assist with the constant flow of people who sought healing.

One morning, Estelle called Tracey into her living quarters, for it was time for her ascension.

“Tracey, my dear granddaughter. Tonight will be our last together in this earthly realm. It is time for me to ascend. I have accomplished all I set out to achieve and now it’s your time,” she said.

“Grandmother, NO! I can’t imagine even one day without you by my side. How will I go on? Who will provide healing to the seven kingdoms?” Tracey cried.

“Dear child, why you of course. You were born to take my place as High Sorceress and so you must. I have taught you all I can and now you must continue your journey to learn what cannot be taught by me,” Estelle lovingly explained.

“But the people come to see you. How can I ever replace you? I am not ready. Please stay!” pleaded Tracey.

Estelle hugged Tracey warmly and placed in her hands the sacred beaded necklace of wisdom. The beads that formed this necklace were made from all the natural elements of the land – earth, fire, water, air, and a secret property that is only known to the High Sorceress.

“Tracey, wear this necklace and allow it to guide you along your journey and help you provide solace to the many that will seek your healing. As the keeper of the necklace, the people will recognize and acknowledge you as the High Sorceress,” said Estelle.

Tracey put the necklace on, all the while crying softly and said, “I will wear this with great pride knowing it came from you.”

That evening, Tracey witnessed Estelle ascend to the heavens, a beautiful bright ball of light soaring into the stars. She wept for hours that night, feeling an emptiness she could never imagine. Eventually she fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of fairies, horses with wings, and rainbows made of colors she could never describe.

She woke the next morning to a knocking at her door. When she opened the door, she saw a line of people ready to be healed. Tracey held her head up high and welcomed the first person. As she walked to sit in the High Sorceress chair, she tripped on a rug and tumbled down to the floor. Fortunately, she was not hurt but as she pushed herself up off the floor, the sacred beaded necklace got caught under her arm and broke – all the beads slid off the chain and rolled around the floor.

In a panic, Tracey began picking up all the beads so she could put them back on the chain, for she knew that without the necklace she could not fulfill the requirements of High Sorceress. She needed the power of the natural elements to access the divine energy required for healing. When she tried to place the beads back on the chain she realized that the beads did not have holes. She was so confused and saddened. How will I ever repair the necklace? I can’t heal others without this necklace! She wanted to cry but knew she must find the strength to pull herself together for people were waiting to be healed.

Tracey stood up and put the beads and chain in a cloth pouch in her pocket. Not wanting to let the people and her grandmother down, Tracey decided she would “pretend” to heal. She knew what to say and where to place her hands, as she had learned how from watching her grandmother her entire life.

The first person who had arrived for healing was an old woman with a long white-haired braid down her back. She had come requesting help with a persistent ringing in her ears. Tracey placed her hands on the old woman’s ears and summoned the divine energy of the angels, saying the words aloud whilst feeling all along that her words were empty without the necklace. She hoped and prayed that the angels would hear her words and honor the request of healing.

Suddenly, she felt and saw the divine energy pass through her and into the old woman. The woman smiled with glee as the ringing ceased. What? How is this possible? I don’t understand?

As the woman left, Tracey felt a warm tingling sensation come from her pocket. She took out the cloth pouch and it was glowing a sparkling green light. She removed the chain and saw it had been mended – no longer broken but also no clasp. There was no end or beginning for which to string any beads. Tracey felt more confused, but she did not have time to think of what to do as there was another knock at her door. She quickly put the chain back in the pouch with the beads, and back into her pocket.

The next person was a young boy with bright red hair and a face full of freckles. He had suffered greatly from blisters. Tracey placed her hands on the boy’s shoulders and asked the angels for healing, praying she would be lucky once more. Again, she was shocked to feel the divine energy come through her and into the boy. His blisters disappeared and he was healed. Just as with the old woman before him, when the boy left, Tracey felt the warm, tingling sensation from her pocket. She pulled the chain out from the pouch and stared in disbelief. On the chain was one of the beads! But how? What is happening?

And this is how the day went on. With each person, with each healing, one more bead had been reconnected to the chain. By nightfall, after Tracey had healed the last person for the day, she sat on her bed and pulled out the pouch. She dumped the pouch and to her amazement, the sacred necklace was repaired. All the beads were rightfully in their place on the chain. Each bead formed out of the earth, fire, water, air, and…faith. She closed her eyes with gratitude because now she understood. She placed the necklace around her neck once again -- not because she needed it but rather as a symbol of her trust in the Divine.

The End

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