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So What is Reiki Anyway?

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. The connections among mind, body and spirit are incredibly strong. Imbalance in one area can lead to imbalance in other areas. Emotional issues may manifest as physical ailments… and physical ailments may trigger an emotional stress response.

Fortunately, the human body is designed for success and when we make time for self-care, we allow our bodies the opportunity to truly relax. The more relaxed we feel, the easier it is for our body to self-heal, which in turn helps us to be more mentally and physically prepared to deal with the ups and downs of life.

This is why Reiki is an extremely effective holistic healing method. Not only does it bring about deep relaxation, it also realigns your body and mind with your biofield; the field of energy that surrounds you and every living thing. You see, everything is energy and has a frequency. When the frequency of your biofield becomes disturbed, your energy becomes imbalanced. Stress, anxiety, depression, illness, injury, lack of sleep, insufficient social interaction, and grief are just a few of the triggers that can disturb your biofield.

These disruptions to your frequency interrupt the natural flow of chi; the life force energy that courses through your body and controls blood movement. The idea behind Reiki is to remove, release, balance or shift these energy interferences so that chi can flow freely and properly, bringing about health and harmony.

Think of our bodies as an orchestra. Each organ, bone, tissue, fiber, and cell vibrates at its own frequency and produces its own beautiful sound. When all of these parts are working together in perfect harmony, then our body produces a beautiful melody. It’s no accident that we call this being in “sound” health. However, when something happens to disrupt our body’s performance, the melody is no longer harmonious. Maybe the flutist dropped his sheet music, or the saxophonist is playing a completely different song. Either way, receiving Reiki energy healing is like restarting the concert after providing an opportunity for all of our body’s internal musicians to get back on the same page.

Thus, Reiki is the activation of your own beautiful healing energy! Through the channeling of universal life force energy and the power of intention, Reiki enhances the human body’s natural healing abilities. Because our bodies and Reiki energy are so intelligent, a healing session can be done in-person or virtually, known as distance Reiki.

Whether a practitioner is in the same room while positioning hands directly around the client’s body or they are using intentional focus to send Reiki healing from an entirely different place, a transfer of energy occurs through the practitioner to the client. The outcome is the same because universal life force energy knows no boundaries.

The Reiki energy then clears imbalances within the body and opens the chakras (spinning energy vortices), thereby making a clear path for chi to flow and stimulate the body’s natural restorative processes. In other words, our body can make beautiful music again. It’s like going to the spa and hitting the reset button!

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