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Reiki Certification

Usui Reiki is a Japanese, holistic healing technique that has been used for centuries to realign physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and karmic imbalances within the body. Three levels of certification are available as follows:

Level I (Beginner) - Physical healing (self, others, & animals)

Level II (Intermediate) - Emotional healing & Distance healing

Level III (Master) - Spiritual/Karmic healing & Attuning others

Click HERE to view an outline of topics covered in each level. Classes are offered both online via Zoom and in-person. Online classes are 3 hours and cost $225 per level. In-person classes are 4 hours and cost $300 per level.


A minimum of 2 students is required per class. You must join the waitlist for a class to be scheduled. You will be given the option to select class days & times that best accommodate your schedule when you join the waitlist.


Joining the waitlist does not obligate you to enroll, but please only join the waitlist if you are serious about learning Reiki. This ensures that the minimum requirement to schedule a class is met sooner. Encouraging friends to learn Reiki with you is a great way to quicken the scheduling process. 

Astrology & Sound Healing

This interactive 2-hour workshop teaches you how to create a self-healing practice using sound, the wisdom of the stars, and your unique natal birth chart. Taught twice a year (August and February), this workshop is designed for all levels of astrologers. Whether your brand new to astrology or experienced, you will walk away discovering how to align the sounds emitted from the planets with the unique song-print revealed in your chart. Topics to be covered include:

  • Fundamentals of astrology

  • How to read your natal birth chart

  • Musical notes and tones associated with the zodiac signs and chakras

  • Integrating a variety of sound healing techniques that align with the planetary placements in your birth chart

  • Creating self-care practices based on your astrological elemental profile 

PLUS all enrollees will receive a beautifully illustrated Quick Reference Guide and a recorded replay (so no worries if you can't join us live).

The next workshop takes place on Sunday, August 11th @ 2pm EST via Zoom. Cost is $55. 

Starting Your Spiritual Business

Starting a spiritual business can be a fulfilling and impactful venture. Knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle, and that's why I've designed this online consultation class to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to bring your spiritual offerings from blueprint to reality. Think of this 90-minute class as a live, interactive tutorial, tailored to your needs, with step-by-step instructions that include the following topics:

  • Registering & Licensing your business

  • Choosing the best liability insurance

  • Setting up your space (in-person and online)

  • Marketing & Advertising platforms

  • Networking to grow your client base

  • Basic logistics (scheduling, pricing, payments, taxes)

  • Resources to help you bridge the gap in areas that may require more expertise (i.e. crafting a brand, building a website, content creation, SEO optimization, etc...)

Whether your unique spiritual niche is astrology, energy healing, mediumship, tarot, or meditation...just to name a few...I'm here to support you taking that FIRST BIG STEP! This class meets virtually via Zoom and will be recorded to provide you with lifetime replay access. Cost is $150.

Coming Soon!
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