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7-week Soul Coaching Group Program


About the program...

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Join your professional Soul Coach Tracey Renee as she guides you through a 7-week soul journey. Soul Coaching® helps you discover who you are, why you're here, and your life’s purpose! Maybe you are on your path and stuck. Maybe you are looking for a change. Maybe you are looking for a tribe who gets you!


The foundation of the Soul Coaching program is built around a 28-day focus on the elements - Air (mental), Water (emotional), Fire (spiritual) and Earth (physical) - with one week devoted to each.


Throughout the program, you will be provided with daily meditations, affirmations, and activities that you can choose from, making the program completely unique to fit your individual goals and desires. You get to choose your level of commitment each day. Whether you do the bare minimum or go all out, you will still experience a beautiful, positive life transformation.


If you’re ready to connect with your soul and live a more present and mindful life as your most authentic self, this program is for you! By utilizing the energy of the elements of nature, this program allows you to clear away old blockages so that you can truly begin to hear the secret messages of your soul. Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Soul Coaching programs run for 7 consecutive weeks. Each weekly session lasts 60-90 minutes depending on if the program is individual or small group. Program dates and times are tailored to your schedule and can be in-person or virtual via Zoom.


Week 1 - Intro Week: Learn about the 4 elements, explain the Soul Coaching journey, and prep your space


Week 2 - Air Week: Clearing your Mental Self


Week 3 - Water Week: Cleansing your Emotional Self


Week 4 - Fire Week: Igniting your Spiritual Self

Week 5 - Earth Week: Grounding your Physical Self

Week 6 - Quest Week: Culminating Soul Quest

Week 7 - Final Week: Reflect on your journey, celebrate, and embrace the future!​ 


Total Program Cost Per Person (Payment plans available):

  • Private Individual - $700  ($100 per session)

  • Partners/2 People - $595  ($85 per session)

  • Small Group/3-4 People - $525  ($75 per session)


Have questions or need more information? Please don't hesitate to connect with Tracey.

I would highly recommend Tracey’s Soul Coaching program. Not only is Tracey an excellent coach and guide, she is also intuitive and kind and generous with those gifts as she masterfully facilitates each session.  This Soul Coaching journey is a beautiful gift you should give to yourself.

~ Martha ~

I absolutely loved my soul coaching sessions. I was not only able to realize and understand myself on a deeper level but also better myself with that knowledge. What I didn't expect was how coaching has brought back my love for my creative side, which I thought I would never love again. In fact, I am now back to college going towards what I've always wanted but feared. If that doesn't say how amazing Tracey's coaching is, I don't know what will!!

~ Jaimie ~

Tracey is knowledgeable, wise, compassionate, down to earth and an easy-going facilitator. The program was amazing. I definitely recommend taking the Soul Coaching Program.

~ Natalya ~

I challenged myself to a 28 Day Soul Journey to heal my soul before my 33rd birthday. My soul had been damaged from 32 years of challenges. Tracey, every day sent me a quote, I did a mediation, completed 3 assigned tasks and learned to live in gratitude. If it was not for HER.... I would not be the POSITIVE woman I am today. I’m forever grateful for her and her abilities to heal me from the inside out.

~ Jamie ~

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