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My Journey with Sound

I come from a very musical family and while I don’t sing or play any instruments (other than singing bowls), I have always had a strong connection to sound. Music moves me in a visceral way that often times cannot be explained with words. I can hear a song from my childhood or teen years and be brought back to the events and corresponding emotions from that time of my life like it was yesterday.

Certain sounds touch me so deeply that my body can’t help but to react. I begin to move or sway to the beats weaving together and often times I feel chills or energy running up and down my body. The sonority of an Indian flute can literally take me to another world. It’s as if the harmonic tones being played are having a conversation with my soul. Sound is an intrinsic language we are all born with, and for me, sound has been incredibly healing.

A few years ago, I started experimenting with tuning forks during Reiki sessions with my clients. This was purely out of curiosity at first, as I simply wanted to feel what would happen when incorporating subtle sounds and vibrations with Reiki energy. I was fascinated with how aptly the body responds to the shifts in energy as a result of strategically placed vibration. I could see and feel the energy being released within and from the body. Even better is that my clients noticed a profoundly positive difference, as well. This is when I knew I wanted...I learn more. So, I sought the necessary training and became certified as a Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist with a focus on using Himalayan singing bowls as my healing tool of choice.

Interestingly, during my training, I was in the midst of a personal healing journey with late-stage Lyme disease. When the bowls were rhythmically struck on and around me, I immediately noticed an energetic shift in my body, mind and spirit. I also became more physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger as I began to practice and provide sound therapy for my clients. You see, sound waves travel, so I am constantly receiving while I am giving.

Miraculously, within a couple months of my training, I became completely free of Lyme disease and all its associated debilitating symptoms. For those who don’t know much about chronic Lyme disease, it is often a lifelong struggle to manage and can have a major negative impact on the quality of one’s life. Although I also incorporated other forms of holistic treatments, there is no doubt in my mind that vibrational sound therapy was a major contributing factor toward my healing and continues to keep the orchestra that is my body beautifully harmonized!

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