Reincarnation and Soul Contracts

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The idea of soul contracts often comes up when I provide Past Life Regression therapy for my clients. Interestingly, while this acknowledgement of returning again and again to master karmic lessons provides more clarity and serenity in one’s current lifetime, it also tends to open a Pandora’s box of more questions. Based on witnessing the regression experiences of my clients, intuitive interactions I’ve experienced when doing energy work, and my own spiritual studies over the past two decades, I’ve learned some basic tenets of soul contracts.

According to the concept of reincarnation, part of our soul’s journey during each incarnation on Earth is to have certain experiences, feel a spectrum of emotions to their fullest, and learn specific lessons – all for the purpose of spiritual growth. I admit that’s quite a simplified list of why we decide to embark on the adventures of life on Earth. However, it does provide an overview or objective if you will of the reason we decide to come back again and again, despite the challenges and limitations that living a human existence entails.

After each lifetime and before we are born again as a new “character” on Earth’s stage, we decide what we want to experience, feel, and learn the next time around. How we decide this is determined by several factors such as tasks or lessons we didn’t complete or learn from previous lives, new scenarios we want to explore, and the roles we can play in the lives of our soul family members to help each other with our “to-do” lists. With the help of our Guides and soul families, we form an agreement or “soul contract” of what we intend to accomplish and how we may help each other achieve the goals we’ve set out to complete.

Our soul family is much like our human birth families on Earth. These are our core family units in the spiritual realm, having been together since our initial spark from Source. On Earth, our soul family members can be anyone in our life, from our parents, children, or close relatives to colleagues or friends that show up or leave our life at the perfect time. The roles of our soul family members also change with each incarnation. For example, our mother in this life could have been our brother or son in a past life.

The purpose of our soul family is to support, love, guide, nurture, protect, and ultimately help accelerate one another’s spiritual growth. The tricky part to understand is that the roles we have played in past lives can be the opposite of who you are in your current life. These roles may include protagonist, the antagonist, the victim, the abuser, the abandoner, the savior, the healer, the teacher, the confidant, or the betrayer, just to name a few. Of course, it’s not easy to wrap our human brains around such a concept. Think about it though, if we have truly lived hundreds of lives, then it stands to reason that we have played just as many roles. A great example is one of my own past lives revealed during a regression session. I was a German soldier fighting for the Nazi’s while in this life I am of Jewish descent.

If every time we came to Earth and our lives were always easy, we never had to experience any challenges or had to suffer, and we wanted for nothing, then how would we know if we made any progress? How could we truly appreciate feelings of love, happiness, and gratitude? Not to mention, life on Earth would be boring! The only way is to experience the opposite, and human existence provides the perfect playground to explore the yin and yang of every game and the emotions involved. Every “role” we play on Earth is full of rich complexities and beautiful contradictions, all so we may advance to a higher level of consciousness.

There are an infinite number of soul contract types because each incarnation is unique and intricately webbed with not only the members of our soul families, but also with the people in our communities, towns, cities, regions, and countries in which we live and play. We are all connected both on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. Still, even with all these intricacies that our human brains may never fully comprehend, the basic building blocks of all soul contracts are the same.

For example, soul contracts include the time, date, and place of our birth. They include the family we are born into and more specifically who our parents, siblings and immediate family members will be. That’s right, we choose our parents! Also included are certain people who are destined to come into our life at the exact right moments. Usually the timing coincides with the inner-workings of crossing off one of the major tasks on our to-do list. All these relationships are predetermined before we are born. Additionally, our soul contracts include the significant events meant to unfold during our life to help us evolve and grow. The final component is our death, but this does not refer to a specific date. Rather, we are given the option to choose from multiple exit points. These are moments in our lives when we can, on a spiritual level, decide whether we have sufficiently accomplished all we set out to do.

The next logical question is why would we ever choose to experience difficult hardships? Well, the short answer is because life on Earth is a grand adventure with optimal environments conducive to learning a multitude of lessons such as self-love, patience, compassion, to be less uptight and more adventurous, or simply not to be a martyr or a victim, to name a few. Regardless of the role we chose to act out in this lifetime, being aware that we not only agreed to but also created our soul contract, brings with it an ascended awareness. That is, our lives are meaningful not despite of but because of our hardships.

Finally, having the awareness of soul contracts also sheds light to the patterns in our lives that are meant to inform us. When life gets hard and stays that way because of decisions we continually make, those extended hardships or “unlucky breaks” are signs. We either are not learning the lessons we intended, not paying attention to the fail-safe signals or alarms we set up, or not following the paths we had hoped this time around. When we choose to reflect on our experiences and learn from them, life tends to go smoother and the fun times outnumber the hardships.

The best part about soul contracts are the infinite opportunities for do-overs! Just because you missed an opportunity doesn’t mean you won’t get another one. On the flip side, you don’t have to take every opportunity for which you are presented. There are no mistakes, only lessons. If we don’t fulfill all the parts of our soul contract or learn all the lessons we intended to our satisfaction, our soul may choose to bring it into our next life. Hence, when we “die” or transition back into the spiritual realm, we will carefully review our life to inform our next soul contract for our next incarnation. Regardless of how short or long our life is in Earth years, whether we completed all our tasks or not, every lifetime is valuable. Nothing is ever lost, for we are always moving higher in our ascension.

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